Joey Vitale

So glad I signed up for @Revenue's "Revenue Rally"! I was blown away by how much I learned about sales and buyer psychology in just an hour. So many actionable takeaways from this event. Marie really walked us through the entire ideal sales call process—in exceptional detail and with an eagerness to answer any questions. What I appreciated most: you learn how not be "salesy" but rather to quickly build a deep relationship with a potential buyer and determine whether you'd be a great fit. This completely changed the way I facilitate sales calls, and I'm already seeing results!

Becky Feinberg

I have been working with @Revenue for a little over four months now and I can't say enough good about Marie and her team. In our short time together, we have covered, strategized and implemented a better marketing plan than I had with any other previous company in my six years of running Shop4ties. They have helped us take our company to the next level with their incredibly talented team. They get done what they say they will get done! Marie is extremely creative and helpful and has helped us understand our company vision and how to take it from point A to B! Thank you to the @Revenue team and a special shout out to Mrs. Marie!

Suzi Shattuck

Marie NEVER disappoints. She has spun straw into gold so many times. In our initial meetings, she did a thorough needs analysis and connected dots that I didn't know were connectable. She played the dual roles of analyst and magician. The detailed marketing and sales plan she came back with was fantastic. Beyond that, she implemented the plan. It can be frustrating to work with a consultant who gives you a plan but won't do the work. She is different. She worked the plan and tracked its success. When changes needed to be made, they were measured and strategic. It was a true collaboration that made me step up and into what I had asked for.

She has worked with so many small businesses, and she brought all of that experience with her. She was masterful in her vision, implementation, and follow through. So grateful.

Lauren Sivak

I recently attended my second @Revenue networking lunch. It was a completely different group of professionals representing a wide array of fields and backgrounds. I don't how she does it, but Marie Hale assembles an amazing group and facilitates, with ease and grace, an incredibly effective networking lunch. I have made countless connections through these opportunities. I highly recommend them!

Rajiv Nathan

Attended the 1 day Revenue Bootcamp and learned a few things to strengthen my sales process. Great group here who knows their stuff and can help pretty much any entrepreneur/small biz owner. Keep it up!

Barbara Provost

AtRevenue is sincerely interested in helping me grow my business. I attended their sales workshop and hung on their every word! The information they provided gave me what I needed to move forward and close sales! Highly recommended!!

Kelsey Lyn

@revenue is doing amazing things for Chicago small businesses and entrepreneurs--enabling passionate people to build careers outside the box and really contribute something good to their community. I've struggled for years to find a job that fits my life, but working with Marie and Megan for just a couple of months has convinced me that I can build that career myself and it will be much more rewarding than working for someone else.

Starla Sholl

I can’t say how impressed I am with my initial meeting of Marie. She spoke briefly at a networking event I attended. In 15 minutes she offered a solution to an unresolved networking dilemma that I had previously presented to three different business coaches. She is definitely someone who knows her industry and how to work it!

Trisha C Mokosh

I have engaged @revenue for both my marketing implementations and my sales and speaking packages. They have allowed me to focus on the most important parts of my business and have far more impactful conversations with my clients and potential clients. They have made my company more visible to my target markets and helped me clarify my value to the marketplace. I see our business relationship as a long term partnership that will show both our companies thrive in ways we can only contemplate right now. The entire team is top notch and has a great deal of integrity. They believe wholeheartedly in what they do and make it happen.

Nick Roe

I have been involved with @Revenue Networking lunch for the past 4 months and couldn't be happier with the process. It's refreshing to be part of a networking group where everyone is genuine and truly has the best interest of each other in mind. I have built many meaningful introductions in the few short months I've been there. I highly recommend Marie and her Team.