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Random acts of marketing are never going to take your business where it needs to go.

You and your company need to gain clarity on what is going to connect with your key demographic, how you can roll it out and what it will take to automate, delegate and duplicate your efforts so that you can SCALE your business! With a million ‘how to’ downloadable courses out there, you would think that we would all be zillionaires by now…but something isn’t working.

@revenue specializes in crafting powerhouse marketing strategies that can scale up and down with your cash flow. For those of you that aren’t ready for a completely custom strategy, we have taken the process that has helped more than 80 businesses increase their income in less than a year and created a laser-focused program that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

This four-week series will consist of:

Week 1: 2 Hour Strategic Planning Workshop

There are several critical facets that must be part of every sales and marketing strategy: Understanding the compelling reasons of your ideal clients, identifying the holes in your organization that are preventing you from breaking through and having a clear view of the value of each marketing effort and what can get you to the low hanging fruit and beyond.

Week 2: 1 Hour Power Personal Branding

As an expert in your industry, positioning yourself as the ‘go-to’ is not always comfortable or intuitive. You are simply too close to see the differentiators in your business and extrapolating those into value propositions for your prospects. Learn how to craft a digital presence that brings people to you so that you don’t have to chase them

Week 3: Where the hell am I going to find the time

Oh, you were already super busy? We get it. @revenue can give you the tools to propel you toward your goals faster and with less effort…but you gotta work the system. We will work together to set powerful and achievable goals, do some magic voodoo mind trickery to get your subconscious to kick in and do more of the work for you, and start counting the WINS and the DOLLARS as they come in.

Week 4: Your Digital Strategy is on Fire!

You will get an individual session with the experts in @revenue to walk you through the strategy we have crafted for you and break down the levers you can pull to reduce costs, increase impact or get work off of your desk to accelerate your success!

What will you walk away with?

  • A full digital and live engagement marketing strategy that can be implemented with or without @revenue’s help
  • Templates, resources, and tools that will increase your sales IMMEDIATELY
  • A cohort of business owners that are ready to share, support, elevate and cheer for you when you need it most
  • Oh, and more money…more money and profit.

There is a MAX of 4 participants per cohort – sign up ASAP so that we can match you with the team that can help you achieve success.

When done on an individualized basis this package starts at $2895. For the first quarter of the year ONLY we are offering this group experience at just $1995.

**We will start with a large group experience and then match you with the best cohort for your needs**

Let’s hear from some of our past clients:

“Sending our team to the @revenue cohort was a game-changer for my business. We would not have the same level of success if not for the amazing insights their team shared with us.

I genuinely believe that @revenue is a phenomenon and a trailblazer. Their teaching method provides you with practical sales strategies that will transform your business and help you grow. This program will practically and certainly guarantee business growth.”

-Rotimi Kehinde, CEO, Kingdom Branding

“@revenue is sincerely interested in helping me grow my business.  I attended their sales workshop and hung on their every word!  The information they provided gave me what I needed to move forward and close sales!  Highly recommended!!”

Barbara Provost, CEO, Purse Strings

“Your strategy was the best marketing investment for my business. How you broke it down was comprehensive, powerful and exceptional. I will reap the benefit from your work for years to come. Thank you!”

Michelle Silverthorn, CEO, Inclusion Nation

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Month Long Event (february)(GMT-06:00) View in my time


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